100% Natural Healthy Tea

Date posted 2014-10-19
Details Hibiscus Tea
- Refreshing & cooling
- Weight lost
- Blood pressure lowering & cholesterol decreasing
- Antioxidant for body rejuvenation

Moringa Tea
- Prevent body fatigue
- Stabilise blood sugar
- Good for skin
- Great for those who are in diet and vegetarians
- Wide variety of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-flammatory substances necessary from the body

Basket Plant Tea
- Resist imflammation
- Prevent the development of many types of cancer cells
- Diabetes and arthritis
- Lower blood fat
- Ability to heal eye diseases
- Treating asthma
- Treating peptic ulcers
- Increase metabolism & ability to protect the body and promotes regeneration (renewal) processes of cells in the body

Lotus Leaf Tea
- Lose weight and lower blood fat
- Treat bad blood which did not go out after giving birth
- Treat dengue fever
- Treat coughing up blood, vomitting blood
- Treat high blood pressure

Perilla Tea
- Beautify skin, relieve flu & cough, anti-fatigue
- Treat allergies & food poisoning
- Reduce risk of cancer
- Support treating Parkinson, Alzheimer, improve memory and limit brainaging
- Reduce cholesterol in blood
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