Talking Business Card

Date posted 2013-05-29
Details A simple, recordable, talking business card.

A SUPER THIN recordable talking business card that has the ability to record a highly personalized message to someone special to you in business, personally, or even socially.

Imagine meeting someone on a plane (or wherever) and later that week they receive a package from you with your talking business card. They push the play button and hear "your" voice saying, "It was a pleasure meeting you on the plane Tuesday Mr. Jones. Here is the package of information I promised. I will contact you on Monday to follow up."

It is VERY SIMPLE to use. You can record a message by simply pressing the RECORD button on the card. A small LED illuminates to let you know that you are recording your personal message to your business card

Most common length of time is 10 seconds.

The usual minimum is 500 units. We receive a lot of requests for 1 talking module for a quilt or baby book, scrapbook or something very unique, however, due to the costs associated with production, we could not possibly offer these talking modules in small volumes.

Talking technology is not expensive, just that we cannot produce in small volume - but neither is the impression it leaves!!!!

Please feel free to contact us to find out more this latest impressive talking business card

Phone 04-2289053
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