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Date posted 2013-05-29
Details GSM Gateway Specially Design for PABX System - 1 Port

The GSM Gateway for PBX connectivity offer a simple, cost saving solution for utilizing the benefit of GSM through your landline phones. The FCT is a simple, cost saving solution, which serves as a gateway between a GSM network and a companys private branch exchange (PBX)

The fixed wireless terminal can route incoming and outgoing calls via the mobile telephone network, providing a cost effective alternative for fixed to mobile or mobile to fixed telephone calls. Not only do your save in landline to GSM charges, but you can also exploit GSM feature in your landline environment

1. Slash your GSM-Targeted call costs
2. Make the most of GSM features and services
3. Avoid delay and expense of landline installation
4. Easy to install, configure and maintain

The GSM Terminal serves as a gateway between a GSM network and your company's private branch exchange. The GSM Modem can be connected to either the trunk or extension connector of a PBX, allowing for its use on the analog extension of an ISDN PBX or with analog PBXs. The PBX can be configured to automatically use a trunk-connected FWT with mobile-targeted calls. The system capitalizes on discounts of cellular tariffs, compared to the DOT on long distance calls. The system accesses the cheapest available route for the outgoing call from the database that is allowed through the system.

There are varied applications where in the utilities of the system can be applied.

Applications: Cheaper calls between

1. Office <--> Office
2. Office <--> Warehouse
3. Office <--> Branches
4. Office <--> Customers

For examples, if you have more than 10 branches all over

the country, and you know that every branches need to communication more than 100 calls per days. The fixed cellular gateway will help to cut a lot in the telephone bills;

100 calls x 0.30 landline charges = USD 30.00 / per day

100 calls x 0.10 GSM charges = USD 10.00 / per day

100 calls x free call under same friends & family plan or CUG (Close user group) = USD 0 / per day

The GSM terminal also intelligent to provide least cost call routing (LCCR). When customers calling local city call where landline is cheaper at USD0.04 versus mobile at USD0.10, the GSM terminal will dial using telecom line to call out instead of GSM network

Following are the details of the cost saving benefits that can be capitalized using gsm gateways on the Epabx for Outbound STD/ISD CALLS:

1. For all outgoing calls to any mobile number of GSM operator a flat rate of USD0.05 USD0.20 is offered, therefore if 5,000 minutes of calls are made to outstation call mobile numbers i.e. 0.30 cents per call, the Telecom landline STD bill would amount to average of over USD 1,5000/- per month as against the same would be under USD500 USD1,000/- using the fixed cellular terminal system connected to the EPABX. This can result in cost saving of 50% on all STD call cost to any mobile number

2. For telecom landline International Calls (IDD), for example the rate between USD0.50 USD4.00 to any country of the world whereby assuming 1000 minutes of IDD call the bill would be USD500 USD2,000 as against the same can be USD0.30 USD0.50 effective of over 1000% on International (IDD) call costs using FCT unit.

Technical Specifications For GSM Terminal

- Environmental Temperature: 0 ~ +50C
- Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 85%
- Air Pressure: 86Kpa ~ 106Kpa
- Environmental Noise: <= 60dB(A)
- Working Frequency: GSM 900/1800MHz or GSM 850/1900Mhz or 3G 2100Mhz
- Stability of Frequency: better than 2.5PPM
- Signal Sensitivity: -103dBM
- Transmit Power: <2W
- Power Adapter: Input: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz. Output: DC12V, 1.5A

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