GSM Remote Power Controller

Date posted 2013-05-29
Details GSM Remote Power Controller

AC Power reboot for unattended remote equipment.

Restart applications include rebooting of remote radio equipment, routers, servers, modems, ATMs, CCTV digital video recorders, video equipment in fact any type of equipment that sometimes 'hangs' and needs a restart to restore its operation.

The benefits of remote power control are many, for example the ability to remotely recycle power to non responsive systems can lead to a significant reduction in server downtime. Additionally there is a substantial cost saving as it is not necessary to physically dispatch personnel to perform a hard reboot.

So now, you dont need to travel to your office to reboot a machine. Cut your energy usage, reduce carbon footprint, and save time and money. WT 215 Remote control GSM power socket allows you to schedule, chekc status and switch power On and Off by text message.

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