GSM Booster is suitable for operation of mobile ph

Date posted 2013-05-29
Details GSM Booster is suitable for operation of mobile phones in a weak signal ar..
As the domestic mobile communication industry develops rapidly, the amount of mobile communications users increases so steadily that the cell planning gets smaller and smaller while the base station positions get lower and lower. On the other hand, as city construction develops, more and more high-rise buildings are set up constantly, based on the shadow effect of the radio propagation, the mobile communications may get a signal blind

spot behind or between the buildings. Moreover, in order to avoid interference from adjacent districts, the main lobe of the antenna radiation orientation of the cell mobile communication base station in construction has a bigger down-tilt obliquity, thus the signals usually cannot be received effectively in the high and medium parts of the high rise buildings. Furthermore, due to the shield effect to electro-magnetic waves caused by buildings, the mobile communication signals cannot be received in tunnels, subways, underground stores, entertainment complex, parking fields, hotels, office buildings and other large-size and closed buildings.

Booster is an effective device that makes up the insufficient base station coverage in the mobile network, enlarges the coverage area of the base station and fills in the blind spots,

which adopts double-ended duplex design and external power supply with advantages of convenient mounting and high reliability. The bandwidth of the booster may cover GSM

25MHz/19 MHz/ 6MHz with compatibility between digital system and analogue system.


Frequency Band: GSM900/1800Mhz

Frequency range Up-link 890-915MHz, Down-link 935-960MHz

Up-link 1710-1785MHz, Down-link 1805-1880 MHz

Gain (dB)

Up-link: Gp>65 dB

Down-link: Gp>70 dB

Gain adjustable range: MGC>30dB/ (by adjustable resistor)

Power Output (Po): 23 dBm

Pass band ripple: <5dB

Out of band rejection: (BW-60dB)<42MHz ,(BW-70dB)<45MHz

I/O impedance: 50ohm connector

I/O return loss: < -8dB

Noise figure: < 8dB

Inter modulation Attenuation (Po=13dBm) : <-40dBc

Transmission Delay: <0.5mirco second

Ambient temperature: -10C~50C

Power supply: AC110~220V10% 45~55Hz

Compliance Standard To the GB6993-86 standard

Electromagnetic compatibility: To the ETS300 694-4 standard

Function a) Power supply LED, b) Power Output LED

System Structure

A simple booster system is composed of a host booster, outdoor antenna and in-door covering system. Outdoor antenna aims at the Outdoor base station that requires for expanding the coverage, the BTS Port of the host booster is connected with

Outdoor antenna and Users Port is connected with in-door covering system. As shown in the following diagram, firstly, the indoor signals introduced by the booster are divided into two-way signals by splitters, then each signal is distributed two antennas through a couple with the power distribution ratio equal to circuit exhaust ratio so as to ensure both of the antennas to obtain equal power (splitter and coupler may can be configured flexibility). It shall be attached importance that at least 15dB of the isolation shall be bigger than the plus between Outdoor antenna and covering system for meeting the requirements of C/I ≥15dB of the GSM/CDMA/DCS/PCS system.

Technical features

 High system gains

 Full duplex and double-end design, external power supply,

and convenient installation

 ALC technology with auto-steady function adopted.

 Provide power indication and uplink and downlink indications.

 With the amplified linear power, the intermodulation and

spuriousness are suppressed effectively.

 The reliability conforms to GB6993-86 standards.

 The electromagnetic compatibility conforms to ETS300 609-4


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