GSM Car Alarm System

Date posted 2013-05-29
Details GSM Car Alarm System
Comparing this GSM car alarm with the conventional car alarm system. You will find that it does actually make the conventional unit obsolete
Most important, This GSM Car Alarm can inform you whenever there is an intrusion into your car irrespective of where you are

How many times you have left your car parked somewhere far away and can you hear your car siren goes off if there is an intrusion?

Do you think any passersby will bother or dare to stop the intruder, especially if the intruder is in a group or armed? And if you where the passerby, would you or could you do something about it ? Well??, food for thought

What is the use of having an alarm system whereby you dont even know if your siren goes off??? eh???

What about the worst case scenario??? Imagine some hijackers knock into your car

Your normal reaction is to stop the car and assess the situation. Then the worst happen

When that happen, just handover your car to them & walk away quietly and quickly or run for your life. Pick up any phone, mobile or line or anyones phone & immobilize the car & check the car location. At the same time, call for help.

nb: I am not expert in such scenario but I sincerely believe that common sense must prevails

So it is imperative when such worst case scenario happen, DO NOT PANIC or FIGHT AGAINST IT, IT WILL ONLY PUT YOU IN A GREATER DANGEROUS SCENARIO. Simply just walk away or run for your life. When you have installed the GSM CAR ALARM, it is imperative that you do not let anyone know unless necessary.

This GSM Car Alarm is not only suitable for private car owners especially the expensive cars, but also for company cars, vans, lorries which are usually parked far away in isolated areas and basement car parks with goods more valuable than the vehicles itself

Today basement car parks mostly have GSM signal repeater / booster, some basement car parks as low as 5 levels down have GSM Signal

It you park your car in an isolated place for a long time, you can use your mobile phone to lock the car and then no remote controller in the world can unlock it. Even if they are stolen from you or duplicated by someone or any smart electronic devices

It is also a well known fact that there are a lot of vehicles with head lamps/ tail lamps which can be easily removed and have very high resale value.

SIM card for alarm is not included

You can get one from your mobile phone provider. The dial keypad is like the numbers on your phone so you can use the GSM car alarm like a hands free phone using the microphone and speaker just as long as you have credit on your SIM card. Other systems on the market are very expensive, or require you to plug in your mobile phone, this system doesn't,, its all built into the unit, they are also very easy to install although if you have not any auto electrical wiring experience. It would advise you get an auto electrician to install it for you


This GSM Car Alarm is like any alarm in terms of installation. Just simply remove your existing alarm and connect the GSM Car Alarm wiring to it. But you must have some auto electrical wiring knowledge. Or simply get an auto accessories mechanic to install it. A user manual & simple installation circuit diagram is included in the GSM Car Alarm.

The following incident mentioned below did happen to my friend of mine

His car cost more than USD 50,000, even though he knew about his alarm system he just ignored it because he could not believe that it would happen to him but it did happen and luckily he just lost his car.

Most car owner will say well, I can claim insurance. This car owner under isured his car and the insurance company will pay 80% and it will take few months to get the money

Do you know how much he lost after he gets back from his insurance? Answer : less than USD 25,000 and how much is the GSM Car Alarm?

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