SIMCOM SIM900B GPRS+GSM Module Development Board

Date posted 2013-05-29
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The Siemens SIM900B is a standard AT commands Based GSM module, it support GPRS communication.

The SIM900B Module Module is AT Command - controlled gsm modem, via Serial Port (RS232/TTL communication).

Frequency bands: 900MHz ,1800MHz,1900MHz.

Program source code would be provided so that buyers can use the module easily and get familiar with the module quickly.

Standard SMA Interface. Common applications are (sending/receiving) SMS GPRS control, phone calling.

Power supply: DC 5V

From the picture you can see:

a. SIMCOM 900B module interface

b. Sim card interface

c. Handset interface

d. Download switch, turn on or off download function

e. VBAT switch , switch the voltage source from the adaptor or external battery

f. PWRKEY key, turn on or turn off SIM900B

g. Buzzer

h. Expand port, such as keypad port, main and debug serial port, display port

i. Main serial port for downloading. AT command transmitting, data exchanging

j. DEBUG serial port

k. Hole for fixing the antenna

l. Source adapter interface

m. Light

m. Hole for fixing the SIM900B

o. Handphones Interface

Packages Contents :

Power adapter, RS232 Cable, GSM antenna, Simcom 900B modules, Antenna Connector with wire,headset, CD

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