Now can view the camera from anywhere in the world

Date posted 2013-05-29
Details 3G CCTV Camera

Now you can view the camera from anywhere in the world by make one single call to your surveillance camera at your house, shop and anywhere from your 3G phone. Interesting is it !!

The WT-1041 3G camera is the latest in mobile security - offering you the freedom to view LIVE video images captured from installed cameras or CCTV systems. All this through your 3G mobile phones, PDAs & Windows Mobile devices anytime, anywhere.Small, high-resolution, cameras are increasingly being adopted for use in compact portable devices such as mobile phones. The proliferation of third-generation (3G) mobile phones is continuing in tandem with the inclusion of videophone functions. Demand for super-compact camera modules that can be embedded in the limited space available in these devices is also increasing

Customers will have the ability to view live video streams from a 3G cell phone. The WT-1041 3G camerawith 3G compatibility attaches to a home or small office network and the live camera feed can then be pulled from the 3G cellular network by compatible cell phones with a . TheWT-1041 3G camerawill offer consumers and businesses a flexible and convenient way to remotely monitor a home or office in real time from anywhere within the 3G service area.

With the 3G EYE you can view the camera from anywhere in the world by make one single call to your surveillance camera at your house, shop and anywhere from your 3G Phone.It has auto video and voice recording via SMS and different recording modes capabilities.

The growing popularity of camera phones is spurring demand for improved image quality, but without any increase in handset size. Underlying these advances are a marked reduction in pixel pitch, 1.3 million pixels, combined with retention of a pixel size capable of recording high-resolution images so you can have the capability of taking bigger and better pictures. Witura is positioned to provide mobile phone manufacturers with leading-edge support, and to reinforce its leadership in digital imaging. TheWT-1041 3G cameraalso integrate real time capturing of picture via SMS, high level security access and smart reporting to the host number.

The 3G Camera, brings significant advances to cellular phones and other camera-enabled mobile devices. You can just video call your respective camera and monitor the area in real-time. You can also talk to your family and friends using the 3G Camera thanks to its in-built Microphone and speaker.

Office monitoring, shopping mall, retail monitoring, bank monitoring, home monitoring, school monitoring, traffic monitoring have all been made possible with this device. Engineers who need to resolve problems offsite by using their mobile phones can call in to the camera and perform the necessary tasks to rectify the issues. Have your staff purchase the correct accessory by calling in to the shop and choosing the product to avoid purchasing the wrong product.

The WT-1041 3G camerawith 3G compatibility is a 1.3 MP camera withT-flash stored in MMC & static image format; JPEG. It also boasts of infrared & night vision function capability, not to mention sharing of up to a maximum of 50 people. It comes complete with a built in lithium battery and external powersupply. The Camera with 3G compatibility also comes bundled with master reset functions andpassword changes,photography, video and sound recordingplus loudspeakers & high quality recording mic.

Using your mobile phone key pad (4 & 6), you can move the camera to two different directions to reach more viewing angle. Night vision mode is automatically activated whenever necessary. System setting can be reached directly through 3G connection to change your password, add or remove user accounts and activate video recording. Video recordings will be stored inside the T-Flash memory card. The camera remembers your phone number as the authorized access number. You just need to complete the authentication through SMS + PIN when you first connect to the 3G camera.

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