Answer door bell with mobile phone when not @ home

Date posted 2013-05-29
Details GSM Intercom - Answer your door bell with your mobile phone when you not at home

Security is a large issue for many families. The feeling of safety within ones home is of the utmost importance. How do you go about creating a safe environment for your family and home? One way that people are find security and peace is through the use of door bell or intercom. Your family members now can talk to the person who is at the door or gate before open it.

This is good concept, but how about burglars “target” a home when no one is home? You will surprise how professional they are. They will not simply break in; they will perform the “site survey” few days before action. They try to understand your family behavior. When nobody at home, they will try press your door bell outside the gate and confirm nobody at home before action.

Basically, the concept is simple. The door bell insert with a sim card. you can program your phone number inside the intercom. When anybody presses the door bell, the unit will call to your mobile phone. You can answer the call and talk to the visitor. No longer have let visitors’ or unwanted realized you are out or away as every time the intercom button is pressed a call is made to my mobile.

Let the visitor access to the property by pressing a pre-set password in his mobile phone. The intercom is linked to an electronic door release, every time when your children comes back from school, he doesn’t need to use his mobile to inform you anymore, and he just presses the door bell. Beside you can confirm he already at home, you also can press the password to unlock the gate from your phone keypad to allow your children enter into the home.

The system useful when there is courier delivery to your home. By a direct voice connection to the courier, alternative delivery instruction such as deliver to your office or simply to instruct delivery on another day when you definitely at home. ‘

You also program your family mobile number inside the intercom. Every time when any family member arrives home, they just use their mobile phone call to the unit. The unit link to the automatic gate, the GSM Intercom will check the calling number if inside the white list. If the numbers are in the list then it will reject the call and trigger the relay in the automatic gate and open the gate.

The GSM Intercom does not have limitations like a normal remote control. Using a mobile phone you can open / close from very far away, even from another city. It is really convenient to arrive in front of your house when the gate is already open, without having waiting in the middle of the road.

Crimes such as kidnappings, vehicles theft, and armed robberies normally occur while waiting at the automatic gate to open. I feel more safety with this new solution. So, why want to be a victim? Prevention is always better than cure

The unit also is an alarm system where it has 2 alarm inputs which you use to connect to the outdoor siren near to my automatic gate. You can use another input connect to the outdoor motion sensor. The unit will text and sms to my mobile phone before the intruder enter into your house

It is important that to have an established security system that will stop any possible intruder or criminal from wanting to gain access to the property for any reason. A good security system is also a great way to save on insurance premiums. The reason because insurance companies will see you as a much lower risk because of the security measures you have taken and will , therefore offer you lower payment. A good security system can also add great value to the home and also help sell your home faster, as many people who are looking for a home for family will try to find something in a good area that has high security and your home will rank higher on the list. GSM intercom is practical system, simple and useful device for living. You can find Witura GSM Intercom and a lot more at WITURA INTERCOM.

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