No more waiting n sweating when the lift breakdown

Date posted 2013-05-29
Details No more waiting and sweating when the lift breakdown!

An elevator voice and monitoring system elevates performance and alleviates down time.

What are the odds of someone being trapped in a lift? Well, probably quite high since we're so dependent on the lift these days. In most cases, elevator breakdowns are the result of users’ feedback. From detection to feedback and acknowledgement of the matter, there is already a time lag, resulting in anxiety and inconvenience. At times, even users’ may be inaccurate. When the matter is finally resolved after onsite inspection, testing and remedial work, time and labor cost have been incurred.

GSM voice and lift monitoring system avoids such inconveniences and unnecessary delays. It designed for emergency call from lift cabin to first aid such as service department, security, etc. Furthermore, elevator GSM telephones are less expensive and more reliable that existing landline service. Most elevator companies advocate using GSM phone lines whenever possible. The majority of elevator passenger entrapments are caused by power outages and standard landlines are often susceptible to disrupted communications. Cellular communications make sense because in most cases are more dependable than landline phone connections. Especially in the even if power outages and natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Even if mobile service in the area is knocked out. That doesn't mean the phone itself has stopped working. An activated cell phone consistently sends bursts of radio waves as it scans the ether for a tower to which it can connect. For a disaster victim, those invisible emissions become something of a rescue beacon, a sign of possible life to rescuers who can identify where the signals are coming from.

When you install a cellular telephone line you will receive the benefits of increased reliability and provide substantial savings over conventional monthly land line charges. One of the requirements in the EN 21-38 standards is about the battery surveillance. The lift phone must function at least few hour during power failure. The battery requires for automatic surveillance. An alarm shall send if capacity is low.

The GSM voice and lift monitoring system is supported by a sophisticated software detection system, it will monitor the performance of 500 elevator systems simultaneously like clockwork with efficiency. The monitoring centre is alerted of any operational anomaly and/or failure before the end user is aware of the occurrence.

The detection and alert is reported and shown on monitoring screens on computers and via mobile message alerts. The cause of anomaly and/or failure is diagnosed upon detection and confirmation of fault. The system performs a self diagnosis to determine the extent of the fault before feedback is provided to its monitoring base.

Once the extent of fault or failure is confirmed, the monitoring centre personnel in charge has the authority to initiate corrective action such as resetting of the ELCB by turning off and turning on the main power or shut down the elevator system for safety purposes. All these from a remote location via computer interface or via a mobile device as and when deemed fit according to circumstances. A specialist team is dispatched on site only when remote access remedial action has not been able to resolve the matter satisfactorily.

Of worthy note is the step by step self-diagnosis ability in the software that eliminates cases of where false alarms are given as a result of pranks and misuse. These often result in specialist teams being sent over at considerable cost only to realize that a false alarm was transmitted because someone decided to play a prank or from deliberate misuse.

For routine performance monitoring, the system is able to chart the total number of times a particular elevator unit ascends or descends its shaft in order to chart an ideal capacity load and optimise its performance based on routine patterns of usage.

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