Date posted 2013-02-09
Details Agarwood Herb Tea
Agarwood tea is healthy made from leaves of the Agarwood/Oudh/Gaharu/Karas tree. Recent study show that these leaves are rich with genkwanin glycosides-natural chemicals widely known as having cosmetic benefits. It is said that genkwanin glycosides are capable of removing mercury efficiently. Agarwood tea that contains genkwanin glycosides has many dietary benefits and is believed to help slowing down the aging process. It contains no additives , preservatives or artificial color. It is indeed a compelling product of nature.

Tea produced naturally from non-polluted fresh leaf has the effects of strengthening the heart, reducing blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and stabilizing the nervous system. At the same time it helps to improve sleep, anti-aging, promotes beauty, eliminates flatulence and reduces effects of hangover, asthma and constipation, expels oil and is a good aphrodisiac too.

Our Agarwood Herb Tea is made from 100% pure selected leaves of a Aquilaria Sub-Integra species, manufacturing & product quality control by our Malaysian BioTECH Company with worlds class GMP factory.


1 .0gram 100% selected leaves of a Sub-Integra species + 0.6gram Orthosiphon staminaeus(Misai Kucing) and 0.4gram Ginger(Halia) , per sachet.

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