e2links Centralized Billing Solutions for Cybercaf

Date posted 2013-01-10
Details System Advantages:-
Centralized Backup Features
-centralized cloud backup solutions.
-no data lost
-Backup within 5 minutes

Prevent by Hacking
-Prevent customers free access to the Internet
-weekly update, avoid being hacked by clients & technical staff.

Customized Setting
-easy to adjust membership programme, reward points, promotion rate.

Online Live Report
-easy report checking / viewing form any place on your smartphone.

M-Plus Features
-add on values for cybercafe owner & client.
-top up credit for online games, mobile services without going through cashier.

Roaming Features
-suitable for cybercafe franchises or group.
-support roaming, client only need to register at any of the group of cybercafe, the member can go to any branch to enjoy their member privilege.

M-Plus Features advantages:-
-Attract more new customers.
-Increasing users online time
-The value-added services, cybercafes to enjoy divided income

e2links are currently offering 3 month subscription fees. (Now till 31 Jan 2013)

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Phone 603-9054 8081
Website http://www.e2links.com.my
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